Cancellation & Return Policy

Retun Policy

Cancellation & Return Policy SaiTraders hopes that you never have to cancel or return a product. At the same time, we would be there to help you whenever you do so due to certain circumstances. As a first step we are laying out our cancellation and return policy to take care of your hassles. Order has not been shipped yet: Any order which has not been shipped can be cancelled partially or fully. The amount paid by you (if it is a prepaid order) would be refunded to you via online transfer or by Cheque and should reflect in your account in 7-10 days. Order was damaged when received: We take utmost care while packaging to ensure that the product reaches you the way you had seen it on our website. However, due to situations beyond our control, the items delivered might get damaged in transit. We would be more than happy to replace or cancel your order under such circumstance. We would request you to let us know of the damage the day you receive it. Incorrect items received: We are proud of the robustness of our fulfillment process and the right shipment would reach the right person at the right place. In case you receive items that are different from the ones you ordered, we will have the incorrect items picked up from your house. We will also be shipping the right items to you at our earliest.
Return Policy
We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with any product you have ordered from us. However, we will accept returns within 24 hrs from the date on which the goods are delivered in specified special case only(Non Working) otherwise once you made order payment it never be cancelled. We can refund product and payment in that condition only, if you received wrong Item Model as may differ from your choice of booking item other than invoice model. WARRANTY All products come with Manufacturer warranty as per Manufacturer Seconds Sale Warranty Policy. Until it is specified without warranty.